Become A Patient


In-person Appointments

What to expect

Your first appointment will be a consultation.  We will spend a good amount of this appointment understanding your journey and putting the pieces together that brought you to us today.  We are comprehensive and thorough and may ask about multiple areas or systems that you have not connected as affecting each other. The evaluation also includes observing your movement, strength, coordination and balance. Please wear comfortable clothes.  A pelvic floor internal examination is often one aspect of this exam, but only when you are ready. We can gather specific information regarding your pelvic floor that affects your symptoms.

We hope you come out of the first appointment feeling like we listened to your story and feeling hopeful about this course of therapy.  We typically set up a series of appointments prior to your first appointment for continuity. Once you meet with a therapist, a more detailed plan can be scheduled. We typically schedule visits once per week and expect to have a good understanding of your progress within 3-4 visits.


We will work with you to understand your plan and physical therapy needs in a financial model that is manageable. Before you pay for 20 visits with a co-pay, talk to one of our therapists or administrative staff to understand how we can help. Call our office 603-580-4494 to set up a phone call or a complimentary discovery call with a therapist to further understand what we do and how we can help.

While Oceanside does work with select insurance networks, unfortunately in our current system, having insurance does not ensure payment and definitely does not ensure the coverage you need. At Oceanside, our treatment model allows us to be consultants for you, in one hour private sessions, assisting you in achieving your treatment goals. We are confident we can provide significant information and a treatment plan within just a few visits. We also have classes and online materials, and we can guide you to the best trainers, nutritionists, therapists and other practitioners who can help with your journey.