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Here’s to Your Heart Health

February is heart health month! According to the FDA (1), heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in the USA. Luckily there are ways to help reduce this risk such as eating a heart healthy diet, managing your health conditions, knowing the signs of a heart attack (they can be different from… Read more »

What Every Patient Asks Me

Oceanside Physical Therapy | What Every Patient Asks Me

How did you get into this? At some point in most sessions, patients become curious as to my path of education and how I became interested in treating the pelvic floor.  It is usually somewhere between, “I have never had a provider spend so much time and ask such thorough questions.” and “I didn’t know… Read more »

Pain and Love Have a Lot In Common

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Pain and Love

Pain is 100% your brain’s response to a threat. That threat could be a localized tissue injury (broken bone, sprained ankle) or it could be a plethora of other triggers such as poor sleep, stress, sadness, lack of human connection or the foods we eat, for example. That does not mean your pain is not… Read more »

When Yogurt Is Not Enough

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Healthy Digestion

IF YOU BATTLE RECURRENT YEAST, BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS OR UTI, READ ON! If you’ve ever had a yeast, vaginal bacterial, or urinary tract infection, you know how distracting they can be. Depending on the type of infection, the burning, itching, pain, or feeling of needing to find a bathroom (RIGHT. NOW.) can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, recurrence… Read more »

PT For Hysterectomy? Yeah, We Do That

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Physical Therapy for Hysterectomy

THE PROCEDURE Hysterectomy, or the surgical removal of the uterus, is the second most common surgery performed on women in the United States, after cesarean deliveries. The ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) describes a hysterectomy as a treatment of last resort, however, the US has the highest rate of these surgeries performed in… Read more »

Pelvic Floor Awareness & Relaxation

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Pelvic Floor Awareness & Relaxation

We believe that the awareness of breath and body are fundamental but often difficult concepts to integrate into an exercise program.   It is not just about calorie burn and high intensity.  This type of exercise can contribute to spinal and pelvic floor dysfunction.  The complete action of the pelvic floor is both to relax… Read more »

Becoming Activist Medical Shoppers

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Healthcare Shopping

Americans love to shop, and we’re quite good at it. We research, we read, we consult, we buy. We are educated shoppers too, because information, mostly online, is right at our fingertips. When we buy a car, we know what the dealership paid for it, what other buyers in the area paid for similar cars, reliability ratings, and… Read more »

The Diaphragm

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Breathe

Many of our initial sessions revolve around the function of the diaphragm and how it has become dysfunctional as related to your current symptoms.  Here we explain the basic functions of the diaphragm and its relation to the pelvic floor. Below you’ll find a YouTube video that further demonstrates this amazing muscle and a fantastic… Read more »