Diagnoses include: Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, PCOS, Cycle irregularity and amenorrhea, cyclical pain(dysmenorrhea), anxiety, depression or “PMS” symptoms, Infertility

  • Healthy: A regular 28-32 day cycle, painfree cycle that does not affect your physical or mental well being.  
  • Symptoms and dysfunction manifest very differently in each woman but none of them are normal.  They all indicate some system in your body is not operating at optimal health. Women have heard for too long that these symptoms are a normal aspect of female health.  Common, yes,normal, NO!.
  • Possible contributing factors range from genetics, to nutrition, to prolonged birth control or medication use, to non ideal habits. It is important to first understand your symptom or condition, then your contributing factors and then which ones you can change.  
  • Physical therapy often focuses on the muscles and nerves that are affected after years of pain.  We help you understand the condition, guide you toward the proper resources and team and help treat any of the physical symptoms that are present. Finding your healthy normal is often requires multiple team members.


Free resources and recommendations: Books, podcast, groups and a video.   


Let’s Dive Deeper into Endometriosis:

10-15% of women worldwide suffer with endometriosis.   

Compare those numbers to the following diseases that you have most definitely heard of:

So why haven’t you heard about Endometriosis….

  • Gender inequality
  • Medical bias
  • Lack of education in the medical educational systems

But, it’s getting better each year.  There has been an awakening for women suffering with this disease.  You still may not get all the information but we can help you find the best resources and be part of your team.

Practitioners are making women’s health a priority and I am confident we will continue to see more research in these specific areas but there is more work to be done.  


  • Women spend between 5-12 years, average of 7 years to diagnosis
  • Symptoms vary and can include bladder, bowel, orthopedic and sexual dysfunction not to mention the psychological toll when told you're crazy over the course of a decade
  • Current standard interventions are based on unproven scientific principles    
    • Current interventions- Hysterectomy, Ablation, birth control.  They do not remove the disease and are really only symptom management. It can be helpful for many women but you need to understand the whole picture.
  • Seek a specialized excision specialist.  Start here for information and a provider list.  

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