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Absolute Beginner Yoga with Emily

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Pelvic Floor Yoga

This class will review the basics of yoga: movement and breath. Whether you’re looking for a fundamentals refresher, or you’ve never set foot on a mat, this series if for everyone. Accommodations and modifications can be made for a variety of concerns, from wrists, to knees, to spine.

Core and Pelvic Floor Stability Series with Cristin

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

This small group training series focuses on strength and stability, incorporating the pelvic floor, breath, and stability points. Students can expect to finish the series with increased confidence to continue a regular exercise program using the concepts developed in this series.

Restorative Yoga with Danielle

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Restorative Yoga

This workshop is designed to connect mindfulness and pelvic floor awareness through mobility and attention to the breath, providing deep restoration to the body’s heightened stress state that is so prevalent in our culture. This form of relaxation allows your body to recover from high-intensity activities, and can be healing for daily stress, chronic pain,… Read more »

Beginner Pilates with Andrea

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Beginner Pilates

Join Andrea for a two-hour, small group workshop focused on the principles of Pilates with an emphasis on understanding terminology, proper alignment, and coordination of the breath with movement for proper muscle activation.

Healing Persistent Pain with Cristin and Sage

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Healing Persistent Pain

This two-hour workshop will explore the latest scientific research on our understanding of the brain’s networks and how you can create a new story of your recovery, and introduce you to the  4-Dimensional Wheel, an innovative tool developed by Dr. Gina Ogden.

Body and Mind Talk with Dr. Sastry, Teresa Johnson

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Body & Mind Talk

For people with persistent pain the search to find the reason for their pain can be a long and frustrating one, but effective treatment often requires a comprehensive team approach to address the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of pain. Working with providers who understand the complex nature of pain, and who can collaborate to… Read more »

Reclaiming Your Energy with Erin Holt

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Reclaiming Your Energy With Erin Holt

Real-Life Steps to Take Back Your Energy and Support Your Health Join us for a 2-hour workshop featuring a discussion with Functional Nutritionist Erin Holt. We will unpack the wildly misunderstood process that is detox, and you will learn evidence-based ways to support it.

Persistent Pain talk with Cristin at Blaze

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Persistent Pain

Advances in science and brain imaging have changed the way we understand pain and has major implications on how we behave and treat pain. Not everyone in the medical community is on board yet and you still may be getting some bogus advice. The brain is so complicated and amazing. If you want to hear… Read more »