Pain for more than 3 months, Sciatica, pudendal nerve pain, entrapment, sensitivity, autoimmune, IBS, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, migraines, POTS, chronic fatigue, adrenal, thyroid, sleep disorders and I could go on.  One commonality I see in all of these diagnosis is that the nervous system is injured. The story and journey are always unique to the individual but the human brain and nervous system are designed to operate at a baseline without threat and that is not the case in every one of these diagnoses.  You are more than your diagnosis which is why we offer so many different treatments, resources and strategies to address your nervous system. It is well worth a conversation. We see many people that tell us ____ didn’t work. The nervous system freaks out (pain, anxiety, inflammation) if it feels threatened.  You have to find the least threatening treatments and slowly progress forward, otherwise the result will be the same. Reinforcing the belief, see it doesn’t work. We work hard to find what works for you and we are very patient. We won’t say it is in your head. We get it.