Your first appointment will be an evaluation.  Please bring your intake questionnaire with you.  This allows the therapist to inquire with more detail at your first appointment with regards to your specific symptoms.  We will spend a good amount of this appointment understanding your journey and putting the pieces together that brought you to us today.  We are comprehensive and thorough and may ask about multiple areas or systems that you have not connected as affecting each other.  The evaluation also includes observing your movement, strength, coordination and balance. Please wear comfortable clothes.  A pelvic floor internal examination is often one aspect of this exam, only as you are comfortable.  We can gather specific information regarding your muscle patterns that affect your symptoms in this manner.  We hope you come out of the first appointment feeling like you will receive expert care at Oceanside and quite amazed that many systems are connected.  We cannot just treat your symptom, we have to treat the origin of the dysfunction which always has multiple layers.  We love a puzzle!

Appointment reminders are set up to be delivered via email. If you would prefer to have a phone call or text reminder, please inform the office.

Amy is available in the office on Monday through Friday from 9-3 if you need any information. Please do not hesitate to call 603-580-4494 or email Amy at oceansidept@comcast.net. All four of our therapists can be contacted via their email and would be happy to answer any specific questions that you may have.

Cristin Zaimes: Cristin.zaimes@oceansidept.com
Andrea Mulder: Andrea@oceansidept.com
Emily Lerner: Emily@oceansidept.com